The Torras Asociados Tax department specialises in National and International Tax Planning, as well as National and International Investments, taking into consideration the peculiarities of accrued taxation, taxes and rates, the declaration of goods abroad, international double taxation agreements (DTAs) and other taxes for non-residents.

Our lawyers process tax residence, probate, inheritance and other international procedures, backed by Alliott Group offices in over 70 countries.

Contact us for personalised advice.

Optimise your revenue and assets!

  • National and international tax planning
  • Regional taxes
  • National and international investments
  • Transfer prices and related operations
  • Assistance in processing binding consultations and advance pricing agreements
  • Quarterly and annual tax obligations
    • IVA (VAT)
    • Corporate Tax
    • Personal Income Tax for Residents and Non-residents
    • Wealth Tax for Residents and Non-residents
    • Property Transfer and Stamp Duty Tax
  • Local taxes
    • Taxes, rates and contributions
  • Integrated individual and company tax planning
  • Tax proceedings
  • Tax inspections
  • Inheritance and donations
    • Inheritance and donations tax
  • Due Diligence
  • International taxes
  • Quarterly and annual tax obligations
    • IGI
    • Corporate Tax
    • Personal Income Tax
  • Taxes and rates
    • Insurance sales tax (ISI
    • Indirect Tax on Capital Transfers
    • Betting Tax
    • Communal Taxes
  • Processing of residency applications
    • On behalf of others
    • On their own behalf
    • Temporary
    • Non-work
  • Planning, incorporation and monitoring of companies
  • Foreign investments
  • Company restructuring operations
  • Customs inspection
  • Declaration of goods abroad
  • Form of the Bank of Spain for assets and economic transactions abroad
  • Forms of the General Directorate of Trade and Investment
  • Tax regularisations
  • International tax
  • Obtaining of Foreign Identity Number (NIE) for non-established employees
  • Obtaining and management of Enabled Email Address (DEH)
  • International probate
  • International inheritances
  • Analysis and advice regarding International Double Taxation Agreements (CDI)
  • Special tax regime for inbound assignees
  • Non-Resident Personal Income Tax
  • Non-Resident Wealth Tax
  • Comprehensive management and supervision through the international offices of the Alliott Global Alliance

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